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VERNAL MUSIC (STUDENTS) ORCHESTRA by composer Nick Vargemezis.

After 20 years experience in music education and personal work in many nightclubs in Athens and the province as a soloist of bouzouki and conductor, Nick Vargemezis founded in 2008 two Greek Traditional students orchestras with 8 members each in order to give his students a proffesional aspect of learning and inspiring a personal excellence that leads to greater achievement and success in their life. The main vision was to captivate, educate, enrich, and inspire both young people and adults through a cultural understanding of Greek traditional music and to build new bridges between the music of the past, the children of today, and the audiences of tomorrow.
From 2012 until today the two Orchestras are merged into one.
Vernal Music (Students) Orchestra under the direction and guidance of its Music Director Nick Vargemezis, performs and attracts the interest, support and acceptance from the local community. 

Instruments of the Orchestra.

The aesthetic framework of the orchestra is the sound of bouzoukis.
The sound of bouzoukis and the prototype instrumentations of the conductor Nick Vargemezis give a special dimension to every performance.
In more detail Vernal Music (Students) Orchestra comprised of bouzoukis, banjo, clarinet, wood blocks, darbuka, drums, piano and singers.

The Rehearsals.

The Vernal Music orchesta rehearsals taking place in a very beautiful and cozy music hall in the cultural club of Epirotes, Titani. The members of the orchestra are also registered members and donors of this cultural club and thereby has direct contact with lots of people and other cultural organizations.
For the orchestra, this is an extra and very important asset of operation and successful action. 
Just watching a rehearsal of our orchestra, from the first sight you will understand immediately the joints of the excellent work of our maestro, students and singers. That enables you to discern the dynamics of love and passion of all participants when they are looking for their 'key' role. 
And as the performance approaches, adrenaline of preparation rises.

Vernal Music Orchestra Poster