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PR Services

Our PR department is specialized in deploying a variety of content marketing and online PR tactics in order to place you in front of the right audience, using the right medium, at just the right time. Before you proceed in any action for a discography production or a e-book publication we are here to make a plan tailored to your needs. You can benefit by making a discography production or a e-book publication with us as we have been specialized from our start with digital publications and distribution before any other company do.
In general Internet eliminates the utility of money as a medium and gives fully access to any sound, visual, or education material globally without involving any differences between human races, nationalities economics or politics. Thus Internet in Music and Publishing Industry is the best answer on issues like subculture, economic lobbies, to selective and targeted promotion, to speculation of major record companies and publishers at the expense of artists and writers. Therefore at our days more and more artists and writers are focusing on Live performances and Indie productions.

PR Department's

Press Office & Media Relations

The service includes editing and organizing the information material, coordinating meetings with the journalists and arranging events for the media,...

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