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First Sight

The AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC is a totally new original worldwide music system (draft structure of musical composition) and a global innovative music composition system for its way of structure.
This is exactly the completion of world music spectrum that to achieve it, many great composers of the century that has just recently passed took a chance, others innovate, others not, others researched, experimented while others still researching and experimenting for a common purpose, namely for a global musical language.
However, the AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC tensions in its structure not only the musicians composition rules but also the unknown musicians laws of musical creation of the universe. Since 2001, which was discovered by composer Nick M. Vargemezis and after years of scientific (astronomical-mathematical-medical) research, proved that the AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC is the over 2,600 years lost PYTHAGOREAN MUSIC HARMONY OF CELESTIAL SPHERES (Planets).
With this music or at least part of this, Pythagoras managed and cured many illnesses and taught to this day unknown, superior astronomical knowledge in his time.
It is known that this knowledge was lost because the Pythagoreans had a vow of silence between them. But today we are pleased to announce that this knowledge rediscovered, fully documented by the music science, perfected in all areas by the composer Nick M. Vargemezis and become the greatest scientific achievement of human being after 2600 years.
The music science as a leader in centuries always opens the chapter on acquiring new knowledge of higher mathematics and philosophical concepts. And once again demonstrating the highest scientific incarnation.
Now, with the launch of the AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC and the fact of the disclosure, this huge chapter closed permanently and optimistic for all of us, since the global musical language achieved and ahead of us another chapter, bigger and harder, the path that each science autonomously or hyphens should follow. We have one major finding, willy-nilly, sooner or later, we will enter into the mysteries of numbers and strange performances and shapes.
Exactly, this very important and primary role is to play the AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC and the otherwise manifesting ANTI- AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC, as you will see by studying the e-book, that will help humans, producing matter, to learn the secrets of the generator and the nurse’s and of course the secrets to the contrary.
It is now known generally and currently accepted from around the world, that the science needs a radical renewal or renovation of expertise, to acquire new tools for fulfilling its purpose. 
In this renovation helps the writing of this e-book for the transmission of knowledge through research of musical science, starting on this journey of hidden and tacit knowledge of the Universe, the AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC and the terminal the ANTI- AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC that their sounds from eternity excites us every day!
The writings, music research, study of proof of such dimension that concerning human existence and existence in a substantial evolutionary scene of Creation, ceases to be a personal matter or a group of persons, specific or non, but is a matter of every single human beings and need the unconditional contribution and participation for our purpose!.