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As a matter of principle we believe a very important reference is that the e-book AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC is prefaced by the former president of the Panhellenic Musicians Union and President of the Organization of Greek Musicians ''Apollon'' Mr. Gregory Lamprianidis. 
With the above we make it immediately understandable that the publication of the current product of our company is a momentous scientific research, with entirely scientific documentation, evidence and results, fully recognized worldwide by the music scientific community and in no way related to any other dubious quality releases lacking of evidence or other gibberish video or audio on the internet or on other social media worldwide with the title: PYTHAGOREAN MUSIC HARMONY OF THE CELESTIAL SPHERES or other video/audio relevant to this title.
AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC is the only original and absolutely scientifically proven PYTHAGOREAN MUSIC HARMONY OF THE CELESTIAL SPHERES.


We refer to this because for Pythagoras very little are known worldwide and is very easy to mislead anyone. To talk, or to write, about Pythagoras is not easy. First of all, most of his teaching was done only orally. Second, his teachings date back some 2600 years ago. Third, his teaching was done partly in the secrecy of a very selective school. Forth, most of what was put down in writing was lost. Nonetheless, his influence was so big that he was very famous in all the civilized world at the time of his life and he is still Pythagoras Geometry quite famous worldwide even to this day, some 2600 years later. Contrary to other famous historical leaders, like Confucius, or Buddha, Zarathustra, ect., he was a major figure of world history not only from a spiritual point of view, but also from a philosophical, scientific and a political point of view, and consequently no 'second' to any of these great moral Masters. The only problem is that most of what we know from him, or about him, comes from what others wrote about him (because of his unique fame), and that many of these writings reached us only in a fragmented way, and through a wide variety of antiquated languages still difficult to decipher. In other words, to write a complete biography and compendium of the ideas of Pythagoras, in all the sectors of human activity where he got involved, would require enormous research in assembling all the elements of an incredibly huge puzzle. Consequently, very few biographers have gone through that kind of extenuating job that would have absorbed many long years of their professional life.
Fortunately at least two good such writers have done so in the last century. Unfortunately they are not of easy access. One is Italian (Vincenzo Capparelli) and the other one is Greek (Hippocrates Dakoglou). The first one, Capparelli, wrote 4 books on Pythagoras but they are still only available in Italian.
The second one, Dakoglou, wrote 6 books on Pythagoras but they are still only available in Greek, and even in 'High Greek' (pure Katharevousa) as opposed to current modern Greek. None of these 10 book were ever translated in English. These 10 book are the main source of the following notes on "Pythagoras Ways and Wisdom".
Capparelli wrote his first two books with the title: "La Sapienza di Pitagora" (The Wisdom of Pythagoras). Then he followed with two more books called "IL Messaggio Di Pitagora" (The Message of Pythagoras). As for Dakoglou, he wrote a series of books in 6 volumes called "Ο ΜΥΣΤΙΚΟΣ ΚΩΔΙΚΑΣ ΤΟΥ ΠΥΘΑΓΟΡΑ" (The Secret Code of Pythagoras). This is a six-volume work, filled with "heavy" Mathematics, along with geometrical images. Certainly not a title to read in bed, before sleeping! It's only a pity that this title is not translated in English yet. (Greek editorial companies, compared to their counterparts of the English-speaking world, are but fledglings. It's a matter of the number of readers-to-be; there are only about 15 million Greek-speaking persons on Earth, not all of which are avid readers of books who specialize on a certain subject, say, Pythagorism).
Capparelli died in 1958 after spending about 40 long years studying Pythagoras. His first book was published in 1944. Dakoglou was a Civil Engineer but was in perfect physical and mental shape and continued to work until shortly before his death, in 2016, at the age of 101, who spent even more time, some 70 long years so far, studying Pythagoras. These two authors never got to know each other. Between the two of them there are about 110 years of intensive study and meticulous research involved in their writings on Pythagoras, and they are thus the eminent sources of the following notes taken while reading their 10 books.
There are two more authors we want to mention as separate sources as they have not specialized exclusively on Pythagoras like the two previous ones. They both however have spent more than 50 years each studying the philosophy of Ancient-Greece with a lot of emphasis on Pythagoras. The first author is the French philosopher and writer Pierre Hadot. Unfortunately his many books are available only in French. According to the best Greek experts living today, he is 'the one' foreign philosopher who mostly understood the philosophy of Ancient-Greece, much more so than any of the more famous German or English contemporary philosophers. We find in his writings an incredible insight on the real Pythagorean origin of the whole system of philosophy of Ancient-Greece. The second one is the Italian author Claudio Lanzi who wrote many books, among which a huge one on Pythagoras, but only available in Italian: "Ritmi e Riti, Elementi di Geometria e Metafisica Pitagorica" (Rhythms and Rites, Elements of Pythagorean Geometry and Metaphysics).
Between these four authors, who worked completely separately, but nevertheless agree fully on all the essential points of the Pythagorean teachings, there is way over 200 years of research and study dedicated to Pythagoras specifically, in a dozen outstanding books, and these constitute the beautiful and substantial background of the simple following notes. 
However in 2008 our company publised the CD ROM with the title AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC, THE PYTHAGOREAN MUSIC HARMONY OF THE SPHERES that includes the e-book of the musical survey written by the composer Nick Vargemezis. The Composer and writer Nick Vargemezis is the fifth largest global writer and the third author of the first two mentioned specific researchers for Pythagoras, who not only thoroughly analyzes the Pythagorean philosophy but extends and refines the Pythagorean teachings through music science offering to humanity the opportunity to know about the greatest Greek philosopher Pythagoras. Nick Vargemezis participated in common lectures with Hippocrates Dakoglou and offered in modern science the opportunity to spread its wings and fly to all the unknown roads and worlds that had never dreamed of or imagined, not even in the wildest dreams until today. The literary work of Nick Vargemezis, is written in Greek language also, but we are working very hard to ensure that we can first release worldwide this CD ROM in English, as the maximum offer for all mankind.
P.S. We inform you that the production of CD ROM titled AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC in the English publication is still under preparation.
Thank you for your understanding.

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