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Curriculum Vitae (CV)


His origin is from Konstantinoupolis. He was born in Vardaris/Thessaloniki. When he was very young, his parents settled with him in Athens.


  • 1974. He started his musical studies by learning tzenis (brass instrument) and drums at the Philharmonic Band of the Ymittou Municipality and at its Mandolin Orchestra under the care and teaching of the conductor and composer Spyros Chartofilakas who immediately recognized his talent. He continued to study Theory with him until 1978 when he taught him the basics of the bouzouki, thus instilling in him the love for Greek folk and traditional music, and especially for new Greek artistic music.
  • 1978. After the death of S. Chartofylakas, he continued his studies on instrumentation and orchestration with George Benevits who was an accomplished accordion and cornet player at the Greek National Opera.
  • 1981 - 1982. He enrolled at the National Conservatory Manolis Kalomiris in Athens. He learnt harmonium by George Palias and refined his knowledge of the bouzouki in the Music Department of the National Conservatory under the supervision of Stavros Palias. 
  • 1982. After high school he continued his studies in Classical Education at the National Conservatory as a student in Αdvanced Μusic Τheory courses. 
  • 1985. First certificate in Odeki (the art of) Singing, vocal performance, with grade “Excellent”. In September of the same year he enrolled for the second certificate in Harmony. 
  • 1986. Certificate in Harmony with grade “Very good”. (His specialist teacher at the music theory courses of the two above Degrees was Mr. George Kampanas. He was taught to play the piano by Kate Trouli). 
  • 1988. Having fulfilled his military obligations, he enrolled at the National Conservatory for the third certificate in Counterpoint. 
  • 1992. He finished his studies of Counterpoint with the grade “Excellent” and enrolled at the National Conservatory for the fourth Degree, Fugue and Orchestration. 
  • 1994. He finished the above studies with the grade “Excellent”. (His specialist teacher at the music theory courses of the two above Degrees was Mr. Spyros Klapsis). 
  • 1995. He enrolled at the National Conservatory for the certificate in Composition under the teaching of the Professor and composer Mr. Periklis Koukos for the first two years. 
  • 1997 - 98. The third year of the Composition courses, he continued with the professor, conductor, and composer Mr. Theodore Antoniou who held teaching positions at Stanford University, the University of Utah, and the Philadelphia Musical Academy. Also he has held the position of professor among the composition staff at the Boston University, where he has served since 1978. 
  • 1998 - 99. Finally, he continued for the fourth year his studies with the professor, conductor, and composer Christos Bozikis, Artistic director of the Iliako Conservatory, and the Symphony Orchestra of Corfu. 
  • 1999. In June, he got the certificate in Composition from the Iliako Conservatory with the grade “Excellent”. 
  • 2001. In June, he received certificates in Keyboard and Modern Song from the Amphitheas Conservatory Irene G. Safela with the grade “excellent” in both. 
  • 2002. In January, he graduatd from the Amphitheas Conservatory Irene G. Safela with the certificate for bouzouki with the grade “Excellent”.


From 1982 onwards until now and while studying and teaching at the various conservatories, he played the bouzouki in many nightclubs in Athens, and province and also he has founded and conducted several music ensembles for nightclubs. From 1990 until now he teaches as professor of Music Theory, bouzouki and traditional instruments at various conservatories of Athens. He also taught at the Music School of Piraeus and was director of the music department of the Athens University of Economics and Business. In 2008 he founded the Vernal Music record label company, and also the Vernal Music (students) Orchestra and he performs public concerts for educational purposes. At the same time, he published his research for AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC and gave public lectures in various municipalities and schools of Athens. Since 2010 he is a member of the State Examination Committee at Conservatories of Artistic Higher Education for the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports. 

Classic Music. 


  • Book of Life: Fugue for string quartet in A minor. 
  • Night Happiness: Fugue for string quartet in C major.

1995 - 1996. 

  • Passacaglia for organ in four variations, and coda. 
  • Passacaglia for organ in four variations. 
  • Passacaglia Quartet for flute, oboe, violin and cello in (7) seven variations. 


  • Dance of the Fairies: Theatrical musical trilogy for solo flute. Free genre composition.


  • The Sonata of My Life: Sonata for violin and piano in three parts. 
A) Moderato A minor. 
B) Largo C minor. 
C) Rondo allegretto quasi A minor.


  • Quintet for English horn, B flat clarinet, French horn in F, trumpet in C and cello in the twelve-note system in three parts. 
A) Moderato. 
B) Andante (5 Variations). 
C) Rondo (Allegretto).  

1998 - 99. 

  • Symphonic Poem: Pegasus and Bellerophon for Symphony Orchestra 18th century. In the first part sonata form. 


  • 7 Variations with final fugue for string orchestra (violins I, II, violas, cellos). It is a composition on the Amphiphonic music system, which after doing a cycle of dissonances leads to a final fugue in strict counterpoint of the 16th century. 
  • East. Music composition for large orchestra with choir and solo baritone, on two (2) poems by Kostis Palamas from the poetry collection “Heartaches of the Lagoon”. 


  • Composition of the Cycle Symphony (Grand symphonic work) with the music system AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC that he discovered. This is a survey of global unification of all musical systems. As demonstrated scientifically, it iss the 2600 years lost PYTHAGOREAN MUSIC HARMONY OF THE SPHERES.


  • MODERN SONATA OF LOVE: Sonata for violin and piano in three parts. 
          A) Moderato D. Minor. 
          B) Andante F. Minor. 
          C) Rondo Allegro modern D. Minor.  
  • INNER IMPULSES: Sonata for Flute and Piano in three parts. 
          A) Andante A. Minor. 
          B) Andante C. Minor. 
          C) Rondo Allegro A. Minor. 
  • MYTH OF THE CAVE PLATO: Quintet for flute, oboe, Solo Violin, Cello and Solo Bass on 12-TONE system into three parts. 
          A) ALLo Moderato. 
          B) Andante. 
          C) Rondo (Allegro).
From the above mentioned indicative of his classic works, the two Passacaglias for Organ, the Dance of the fairies for Solo Flauto into three parts and the East, one of the two poems by the national poet of Greece Kostis Palamas with the baritone singer John Modinos and choir, have been performed publicly, and specifically in the concert hall of the Nicopolis Conservatory in Athens. The first part of the large symphonic work ''Cycle Symphony'' presented in public lectures. The entire symphonic work was published by the Vernal Music record label company.


Since 1974 he has written musical compositions and many songs with his own lyrics and music. He has wrote music for lyrics of several other authors also. Indicative some of them:
  • 1997. A duet with singers AKIS KOTSIAKIS and VICKY CHELIOTI entitled SEEMS LIKE A FAIRYTALE that was published by the record label company Hi Music G. Spanos. CD title: JUST TELL ME A LIE. 
  • 1998. A song with his own music and lyrics by S. Kouskounis, sung by DIMITRIS STAIKOGLOU. The song's title is HOW MANY APOLOGIES that was published by the record label company Wave Music. CD title: ONE - ONE. 
  • 2001. Two songs with his own music and lyrics, sung by DIMITRIS ROUMELIOTIS. The titles of the songs are: I THOUGHT THAT I WAS LOSING MYSELF and LOVE TRAP that was published by the record label company Wave Music. CD title: A NEW BEGINNING. 
  • 2006. Two songs sung by ELIAS MARKETIS, one titled A TΗΟUSAND AND ONE NIGHT, with his own lyrics and music by S. Kouskounis and the other one titled HOW MANY APOLOGIES with his own music and lyrics by S. Kouskounis, that was published by the record label company Wave Music. CD title: IF YOU WANT.