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Traditional & Folk Music

The Traditional and Folk Music Department of Vernal Music, offers education either on vocals ("light song" or ''soft song'' and ''popular song'' or ''urban folk music'' or ''song of the people'') and instrumental music.
Greek Folk music has its roots on the ancient years. Folk music in its' present form developed after the 1950's, when a team of musicians of the so called "rebetiko" made this sort of music the new greek folk music. This development originated from old greek traditions and old greek music.
The Greeks of the Byzantine Empire, in Smirni, Konstantinoupolis and in all major ports, lived and created an enviable musical culture, derived from every tradition and culture of them and impaired to the world civilization. Thus around the 17th century, urban folk songs blooms. Since then the folk music is very popular and finds wide acceptance by most of the people until today.
In Vernal Music, Greek folk music is taught in traditional and in modern forms. Education is focused on the development of your musical skills, as well as the teaching of the historical and cultural frame on which the folk music developed. Education will be completed by focusing also on introducing the student in an orchestra. This specific educational procedure, help the students realize their potential and continue in higher level musical studies.


The Director of Vernal Music, composer Nick M. Vargemezis fully undertakes your theoretical and practical education on a higher level. He has many years of teaching experience, with hundreds of students in several conservatories and music schools, as well as professional experience in many night clubs in Greece.

Vernal Music Offers Education on the following musical instruments:

  • Bouzouki (3-chord, 4-chord).
  • Baglamas (3-chord, 4-chord).
  • Tzouras (3-chord, 4-chord).
  • Synthesizer.
  • Vocal.

For Qualifications – Degree.

Qualifications – Degree is for students that are interesting to have a Career and can be obtained after completing basic musical studies in folk music. The minimum duration is Two years.
The repertoire is quite difficult and requires skill and high level craftsmanship as at the end the student should be ready to easily read musical text (scores) and execute prima vista (direct reading and playing).
These type of studies require also personal cultivation and student has to complete the Mandatory lessons (courses) in order το gain high level of expertise.
In each of mandatory lessons, either on team or individual, at the end of every year, the students participate in examinations before an examination committee. The student has to participate in music ensemble in order to be examined for his interpretation and skills also.

Basic Lessons.

Those are the lessons that student has to prior be examined:
  • Theory I, II, III
  • Solfege I, II, III
  • Instrumentation. 
  • Choir I.

Mandatory Lessons. 

Those are the lessons that student has to complete at least 6 month prior the Degree exams date: 
  • Music Ensemble I, II
  • History of Folk Music.


The above duration of studies is not entirely predetermined and it is on the discretion of the teacher and our Artistic Director Nick M. Vargemezis.

Career and Employment Opportunities.

Since the beginning of studies to the end we are preparing our students for the start of their careers by giving them the appropriate guidance.
By taking your degree you will have the knowledge to use them in the fields of music and cultural industry.
The career options are various. The administration and management of art, artistic work within the local community, cultural organizations and artistic institutions or similar businesses, management of intellectual property rights, education and training, as teachers in school or conservatoires, choirs, ensembles.
Also, you can work in the field of tourism, music publishing, music research, retailing and distribution of music, production, recording and editing audio, to musical recordings, including studio production, songwriting, promotion and marketing of music. 

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