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Useful Informations

What you should know about E-Books.

Electronic publications are those publications, which are formatted and produced in an electronic environment. Distribution of written-information digitally through DISKETTES, CD ROMs, DVDs, or online over the internet or other networks. Commonly they are PDF's or in other formats like e-pub (compatible with most tablets/e-readers). The right to reproduce and transmit the work online should be transfered from the author to the publisher.

Advantages of E-Publishing:

It is much cheaper than the printed because it has no raw material costs.  
Once you are ready with the electronic file it can be distributed to an unlimited number of copies.  
It can be easily transferred anywhere in the world at a very low cost.  
Within a lightweight and compact device potentially you can store countless books and magazines!  
The distribution and promotion of a product online is easier and more economical over the internet, of course, it is very easy for the reader to get your book with zero effort!  
Search and change parts of the contents is very easy.  
Everyone can find you in search engines and this grows your reputation.  

Disadvantages of E-Publishing:

The total amount of buying a tablet/e-reader is greater than buying a paper book.  
Requires some familiarity with the technology and some time adjusting.  
Power supply required. 
Most e-books look alike due to common templates. This means that it lacks the charm of a rare leather bound edition.

What you should know about discography.

First of all you should know what is the role of the Music Producer. Music Producer is the link between you and the discography company. He is the project manager from the very beginning (recording) until the final product. The raw material (songs) is made by the composer and the songwriter (They keep the copyrights). Then the singer, the musicians and the discography company give at each song the final form so it can heard on a media (CD, MP3, ect).

Cooperation Methods between the artist, the producer and the discography company.

Α. The Music Producer is a permanent employee of the discography company who is responsible for some artists. In this case he/she overtakes the public relations of the artist. He/she has a monthly stable salary and also takes a percentage based on the sales made. 
Β. Independent Music Producers. In this case he/she choose the singer, funding and administers the whole production. Next the Music producer sales the production at a discography company. This can be done in 2 different ways, a lump sum amount or with a percentage based on the sales of the production.  
C. The Music Producer is being hired by the artist and they work as collaborators. The artist is the funder and the Music Producer is who has the overall vision for the music, the sound and the goals of the project and brings a unique perspective to inspire, assist and sometimes provoke the artist. In this case the music producer is being paid either with a lump sum amount or by percentages on sales.