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Social Media Networks

Vernal Music is holistically taking care of the Social Media tactics that the Artists or the Authors should use to help the increase of their social profile development.
Offering five focused services (package or one by one) which aiming to the most wanted final result.
Those are:

Social profile development.

We are selecting the appropriate Social Media Means where the Artist or the Author should participate or avoid, depending on each case. We also assist or totally taking care of the creation and the management of their own social media profiles to attract visitors leverage communication. 

Social media Vernal Music strategy.

We are measuring the Artists's/Author's needs, outlining opportunities and prescribing specific actions for long-term social media successes. There is no short term social media success as the social media's are a live organism and needs to be updated basically on a daily basis. 

Competition analysis.

We identify the competition tactics on both national and international level - Social Media doesn't have any geographical barriers - potential service providers and action alerts that the Artist/Author can start implementing to change the current social media perspective towards success and development of the targeted buzz. 

Social media audit.

We are offering an in-depth analysis of the Artists's/Author's web presence to the various social networks and ways to improve it. We suggest realistic options including niche opportunities and relevant mainstream tactics in order to achieve the most of what they needs. 

Social media implementation guidelines.

We are working with the Artist/Author to ensure the Social Media integrity, compliance with the different mediums and best practices for a future growth. 

PR Department's

PR Services

Our PR department is specialized in deploying a variety of content marketing and online PR tactics in order to place...

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