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Usages and Results

Since 2008 that AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC was published - released from our company beyond the historical, cultural and innovative structure of music composition value, at the field of music science and due to the fact that the AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC is the over 2,600 years lost PYTHAGOREAN MUSIC HARMONY OF THE CELESTIAL SPHERES (Planets) that by the Greek ancient tradition and texts it is known that Pythagoras managed and cured many diseases and mental illnesses, various important expansions are being made at the field of medical science for the healing power of this music.
Here you can be informed for the progress of those trials and we hope as a beneficial for all mankind for the best results of this impressive music discovery of the composer Mr. Nick Vargemezis.

June 2008. 

After the end of the World Medical Congress of E! AMFIKTYONIAS of SCIENCES of HEALTH that took place in Greece, Eretria (06/15-21/2008) with the kind initiative of two Russian universities of medicine (Moscow and Academy Novosibirsk) under the supervision of the medical university of Ioannina, we were informed from the Ambassador of Russian government in Greece, that the frequencies of PYTHAGOREAN MUSIC HARMONY OF THE SPHERES - AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC, they are in use from the Russian state by at least 200 Psychiatrists laboratories as well as in the Medical Military Academy of Moscow in the courses time as sound sublayer because it helps the intellectual well-being of the academy students.
That happen because after certain years of research in our country with the frequencies of PYTHAGOREAN MUSIC HARMONY OF THE SPHERES - AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC we had positive results in the sector of psychiatric.
In this conference was invited to speak Mr. Hippocrates Dakoglou who was awarded the prize for the mathematical proofs about PYTHAGOREAN MUSIC HARMONY OF THE SPHERES.
However newer results from Russia presented in the new medical congress that took place in our country the next year on summer. 


After demand of international fame and world recognition Danish (Conductor) Sir Henrik Jul Hansen to Greek composer Nick Vargemezis, for teaching and public implementation of new prototype of worldwide musical system AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC, as also and CYCLE SYMPHONY (musical work that specifically composed by Mr. Vargemezis, according to the rules of AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC - THE PYTHAGOREAN MUSIC HARMONY OF THE SPHERES, it was given from composer free, via the Vernal Music Record Label company, to a partial and individual teaching in American orders (Middle, High Schools or Universities etc.), to the schools and Universities of California, in Los Angeles, while became proposal the public implementation and presentation of CYCLE SYMPHONY to including in the new circulation in the English publication of CD-ROM titled: AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC.
Through the Merced Symphony Association the subject is found in development for particular character instrumentation for Classic Symphony Orchestra or with the Sygerasm system or with the known worldwide as Pythagorean system, so that it can be attributed from big Symphonic orchestras of U.S.A, as those that are entered in a short CV of Conductor Sir Henrik Jul Hansen.
Conductor Henrik Jul Hansen trained in conducting at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory, The Royal Swedish Academy of Music and the Royal Academy of Music in London, and has received many prestigious international awards. He currently conducts the Merced Symphony, The Sacramento Ballet Orchestra, his own Gold Country Orchestra in Sacramento, as well as events with the Camellia Symphony, the Mother Lode Festival Chorus, and the Orchestra of the Mother Lode Friends of Music.
Merced Symphony Association.  
The Merced Symphony Association is a non-profit organization that is currently promoting their “Tune in to Music-Youth Concert” program. This program receives funding from the United Way of Merced County. It is the mission of the Merced Symphony Association to present the highest quality of symphonic music attainable, and introduce youth to live classical music. 
As stated by J.K. Rowling in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, “Ah music. A magic beyond all they do there.” Live'' classical music provides youth with a cultural experience that enlightens the mind and enriches the soul. Without programs like, Tune in to Music, many students in the community may otherwise never come to know the quality sound produced by an assembly of string, wind and percussion instruments and the excitement brought on by the mastery of composition.
Because of budget cutbacks and financial constraints, many youth programs in the area of humanities are becoming increasingly non-existent. Members of the association are working toward creating an avenue whereby a local program is available to the schools to expose youth to music that goes beyond commercial standards and provides an insight into a tradition of music that stands up to the test of time.
The program provides 500 middle school and above students from the community with information about the orchestra and the various composers in advance of the concert. Following the concert, students will also have an opportunity to share their thoughts and discuss what they have gained by the experience.

JUNE - JULY 2009.

In World Medical Assembly F! AMFIKTYONIAS of SCIENCES of HEALTH, this time on alternative treatment options - homeopathy, held in the summer in Athens - Anavissos (06/29/ - 07/04/2009), with the initiative of two Russian medical universities (Moscow - Novosibirsk Academy) under the supervision of the medical university of Ioannina, announced the Ambassador of the Russian government in Greece, that after Decree of the Russian government, the frequencies of PYTHAGOREAN MUSIC HARMONY OF THE SPHERES - AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC are officially no longer in use across the Primary and Secondary education of the Russian state!.


As part of our social contribution a presentation - lecture that took place at the 09/30/2009 in OMEGA Business School with title: COSMIC NEUROLOGY - QUANTUM PSYCHIATRY & AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC (THE PYTHAGOREAN MUSIC HARMONY OF THE SPHERES).
There it was announced that AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC and the music symphony work CYCLE SYMPHONY are being used at Medical research activities of Psychopathology on our Country (Greece) plus a more specialized research of neurons of the human brain under the personal care and guidance of Mr. Nick Vargemezis.
So, AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC opens a way for two essentially new pan-sciences, the COSMIC NEUROLOGY and the QUANTUM PSYCHIATRY with main target the foundation of the ELECTROMAGNETIC BIOLOGY. Here you can read more.


We are pleased to announce that following the latest scientific research at Cern for antimatter and ether, the AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC proves with its structure the existence of the Ancient Greek ''Cosmic ether''.
The whole creation of the Symban formed by the rules of a musical plan and the symban is a big ''music symphony'' that it consists of the notes of this musical plan. This plan is the exact structure of AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC of Mr. Nick Vargemezis. 
Furthermore we can announce that the cosmology of Orpheus is the only original writing of human race history that presents the way that symban was created and the known Big Bang as a cosmology theory is now a past as one existent false that is still being taught in schools, academies and universities of the world as a true theory.
The Pythagoren adaptation of the Orphic cosmology at science, namely the conversion of the abstract philosophy to science and knowledge and the discovery of AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC lead to the absolute knowledge.
Now we know the truth lost over the 5000 years and the musical-mathematical proofs for the existence of the ether and the actual construction of the universe is undeniable and conclusive.
We are also very proud because many scientific researches and works by other scientists in all science disciplines vindicate us daily and gives us the strength to continue with unparalleled zeal to offer this absolute knowledge to all of you. (Read Here!).
The Role of Irrational Numbers in Physics.  
Besides the above and the recent astronomical results of finding two unknown planets by NASA according to the Pythagorean Philolaos Planetary formula, and the insights that all the planetary systems of the universe and also the orbits of their satellites according the universal musical-mathematical law of AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC, with gold number φ, provided a better approximation of the distances of the planets from our Sun, than the empirical and wrong Titius-Bode formula.
Here you can view some data for the orbits of Jovial satellites and also the satellites of Uranus. From these data we can easily view the ratios of the distances of any pair of neighbouring satellites. 
The Europa to Io ratio as well as the Ganymede to Europa is close to the number of the golden section, φ. The same happens with the ratio of the Uranian satellites Titania to Umbriel. The Kallisto to the Ganymede ratio approximates the √3 and the ratios of the Ariel / Miranda and Umbriel / Ariel approximate √2. We are tempting to conclude that for smaller distances, 100 000 to 300 000 km, the √2 prevails, for intermediate 400 000 to 1 000 000, the φ number and for higher than 1 000 000 km the square root of 3, ie the other one sacred number, π. 
Table 1.  
Satellites of Jupiter Distance from the planet (km). 
Io 421 600 
Europa 670 900 
Ganymede 1 070 000
Kallisto 1 883 000
Table 2.  
Satellites of Uranus (km).
Miranda 129 780
Ariel 191 240
Umbriel 265 970 
Titania 435 840
Concluding Remarks.  
The Irrational numbers play an important role, not only in the biological structures as we have seen so far but also generally in Physics, both in Micro-and Macro-cosmos. We suggest that the fine-structure constant can be viewed numerologically as a number containing φ and π. (Read more here).
So, now you can easily view that the irrational numbers √2 and √3 that included into the universal musical-mathematical law of AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC, plays the most important role both in the Macro- and Micro-cosmos to the creation of the universe. (Read more here).


Medical research activities for AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC take place both on America and Mexico. As far the results of Clinical Studies are extraordinary as it concerns the treatment of cancer and mental illness. Over the last years clinical trials of psychologists take place also on our country (Greece). We will inform you about the results with public notices, conferences and public lectures in time.