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Radio Ιnterview

Radio interview at the show: Book - Art - Culture.

Radio Symban Fm 151.675 (Radio Australia). 

Radio interview, Monday 10/12/2009, guest Hippocrates Dakoglou, journalist Dimitris Symeonidis with subject: ETHER AS PRIMARY MATERIAL OF THE UNIVERSE - PYTHAGOREAN ADJUSTMENT OF ORPHIC COSMOLOGY TO POSITIVE SCIENCES.
An interview for Greek expatriates in Australia for the mathematical proof of the creation of the universe according to the rules and laws of Augmedimin Schematic Music, perfectly mathematical proven both in the abstract Orphic cosmology and in the Pythagorean philosophy to sciences and knowledge.


First Presentation

Snapshot from the lecture with subject: The Pythagorean Music Harmony of the Spheres. The first world's reference for the Nick Vargemezis’s schientific music research...

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