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Added on :  23-Oct-2015
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This is my very first original composition for piano and I wrote it when I started to learn piano. 
This video uploaded only for educational purposes.
Seems that I knew the paths of my destiny and I was expressed by music notes. 
It's so cool and real to hear it after so many years thus I decided to make a very special & meaningful video for all of you.
You know...Sometimes in life, moments come to inform us about destiny. Then, we do  things without any knowledge but with different ways to express this big one and eternal truth. 
This is how I was expressed through the music for my destiny many years ago and it's my pleasure to present it to you all. 
It was time about it I think... Enjoy my friends, it's my life!. 
«The entire universe conspires to be your destiny a true.
Your path will change. Your destiny doesn't».
• You should watch the video, but not superficially. Through the scenes video concepts are very deep. The video expresses the eternal life that's a fact for each one of us. If you search your inner world may find your own personal truth of your destiny. 
Also through my music research and my discoveries about Augmedimin Schematic Music, the Pythagorean music harmony of the spheres, I have taught you the most important things for the life of every human. I've already taught you everything you need to know about our existence. Where are we from and where we go after death. I've already taught you about creation of the universe and the rules of it's creation. And you should know that is so near the time to learn more about all these things from the Astrophysics and space science when the eyes of the blind will be opened from the deep darkness that they are now, of course. Soon, very soon.
You only have to find your own path and your own truth. Nothing more, nothing less. 
Good luck my friends in the journey of eternal life.
Thanks for watching!.
• Music by Nick Vargemezis 
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• Video editing: Vernal Music.