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Evi - Evan

Added on :  22-Oct-2015
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Uploaded by :  vernalmusic
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The ''Evi - Evan'' is "An Ancient Greek Sound", and it means a inner expression that fuses a profound experience of meeting oneself, of meeting another and of meeting the world in the mysterious universe that we live in. Creating art, spiritual practice and social service are considered primary commitments in life.
In Greece, during celebrations and feasts, when they clink the glasses, they say “ygeia”, (“health”) or "ya mas" which is a common "cheers" said nowadays, or “eviva” which is the modern version of the ancient Bacchus-Dionysian exclamation “ευοί-ευάν” (evi-evan!). 
Choose your “drink” and let Eviva unfold all the notes of your favorite liquid, giving you a unique vaping experience.

This music is from a French/Canadian short film that was played at the Canadian tv. 
Director & Conductor of Chorus: Nick Vargemezis 
Visit his youtube channels: https://www.youtube.com/user/vernalmusic
https://www.youtube.com/user/tubesubmaster - (Vernal Music Orchestra)

Credits reference at the end of the video.
Video is under the Creative Commons licences.