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EXOTIC DANCE is a 12-tone composition for Piano, composed by me under the 12-tone musical composition rules. 
Twelve-tone musical system made the first steps to the knowledge for the Augmedimin Schematic Music, the real music harmony of the spheres (planets) that I discovered in a global innovation and integration of all worldwide music composition systems, and for this reason is so important.
• Everyone should know about Arnold Schoenberg and Nikos Skalkottas and how special and prototype music they wrote on 12-tone musical system. 
• Schoenberg,  Skalkottas, Stravinsky and Shostakovich, were the most important of 20th-century classical composers. Check out the musical works of those great composers and if you are interesting you can find on google more info about the Twelve-tone musical system.
• Anne-Tyler is an accomplished world-class ballet dancer and DJ residing in Los Angeles. Enjoy!.
This video uploaded only for educational purposes.
• Music by Nick Vargemezis ' EXOTIC DANCE ' 
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• Video editing: Vernal Music.