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Modern Music

The Modern Music Department of Vernal Music, offers education in AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC, the Pythagorean Music Harmony of the Spheres. 
AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC is the most modern, beyond the state-of-the-art music educational system. It was established in 2008 by Nick M. Vargemezis, composer and artistic director of Vernal Music. AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC is the Greek music from the ancient years until today. It has spread globally over the centuries and, as a result, all kinds of music nowadays are parts of AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC. The structure of AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC includes not only the musical composition rules but also the unknown rules of the musical creation of the universe.
Vernal Music offers the choice of education in AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC, both on traditional and modern forms. Education is focused on the students' musical knowledge as well as learning the historical and cultural frame in which AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC was developed.
Did you know that music was used to open the gates at ancient Mycenae? Did you know that the ancient Orphic Hymns refer to a universal law of creation based on music? Did you know that Acropolis and ancient greek monuments were constructed according to the universal musical law of AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC? Did you know that our solar system and the infinite celestial systems follow the rules of AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC in their creation? These are only a few of AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC subjects. 


The composer and Artistic Director Nick M. Vargemezis fully undertakes your studies in Modern music for all your theoretical training to a higher level. He has teaching experience of many years with hundreds of graduate students in various conservatories and music schools in Greece.

Study Certificate - Diploma.

The students obtain the Diploma in Modern music, after the completion of the Basic Level music courses, The minimum duration of studies are 6 years in order to take a Diploma.
The Special Diploma Study Courses require higher level of musical knowledge and personal cultivation.
Additionally, the students should follow the cycle of mandatory lessons prescribed for the specificity of their musical knowledge.
In each of mandatory lessons, either on team or individual, at the end of every year, the students participate in examinations before an examination committee.

Basic Level Music Courses.

Those are the Basic Level music courses that student has to complete at least 6 month prior the exams date. 
  • Music Theory I, II, III
  • Solfege I, II, III
  • Instrumentation.
  • Choir I

Mandatory Lessons. 

Those are the Mandatory Lessons that student has to complete at least 6 month prior the Diploma exams date. 
  • Harmony I, II, III
  • Orchestration I, II
  • History of Music.

Specialized Lessons.

The student who want to study at  the specialized lessons about AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC has to pre complete his studies at Harmony class of Classics Department.
Holders of Composition Diploma in Classical music can attend for the specialized lessons about AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC with a minimum duration the 2 years of studies.


The above duration of studies is not entirely predetermined and it is on the discretion of the teacher and our Artistic Director Nick M. Vargemezis.

Career and Employment Opportunities.

Since the beginning of studies to the end we are preparing our students for the start of their careers by giving them the appropriate guidance.
By taking your degree you will have the knowledge to use them in the fields of music and cultural industry.
The career options are various. The administration and management of art, artistic work within the local community, cultural organizations and artistic institutions or similar businesses, management of intellectual property rights, education and training, as teachers in school or conservatoires, choirs, ensembles.
Also, you can work in the field of tourism, music publishing, music research, retailing and distribution of music, production, recording and editing audio, to musical recordings, including studio production, songwriting, promotion and marketing of music. 

Music Programs

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