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Sponsorship Management

Vernal Music have an improved sponsorship consulting service that can find the right sponsor for your project/event. Sponsors have social role and this is the main reason that sponsorship is a part of our public relations segment of our company. Sponsors can do either direct or indirect funding.
Sponsorship is a type of investment that can bring an improved company's image, prestige and credibility to the sponsor. So, sponsorship is not advertising, nor sales promotion, or a general commercial communication but an effective method of boosting public profile with in general reference in Public Relations.

Basic sponsorship activities are in general four: 

Those that bring Art near the public. 
Those that help young artists to show their talent. 
Those that support non profit traditional or innovative institutions organizations, artistic groups (museums / theaters / art group / schools) proven to serve the art and need of support.  
Those that support the infrastructure, preservation or rehabilitation and promotion of cultural heritage. 

The Sponsorship areas are: 

Arts & Letters.  
• Cultural Heritage. 
• Modern Civilization. 
Education – Science. 
• Environment.  
To Social Problems. 
Furthermore, our research process indicates the matching between the sponsor and audience.
At event management and  in order to maximize the impact we keep audience profile. Data such as demographics, habits, trends, attitudes and behavior are those who help us learn our audience.

« Strategy ».

• At the strategy development of the event we highlight the best elements of the event.  
• At the strategy development of the event we answer to the question WHY?.

« Sponsorship ».

• We explain to Sponsors the benefits from their participation 
We choose the Sponsor after investigation of their profile and philosophy.  

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