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General Info

Welcome to the Vernal Music Education.

Our primary goal is to provide each student with excellent music training of the highest caliber at every grade level and for every aspiration. The Vernal Music inspires and educates young musicians through a graded syllabus, instilling qualities that poise them for success. From beginner to pre-professional, the pursuit of excellence is our goal as we strive to develop the individual potential in each student.
We offer classes for students 8 year to adult and provide training programs for both the recreational and the pre-professional musician looking to pursue a career in music. Our professional teaching Artistic Director Nick Vargemezis offers skilled instruction at every level.

What you should know.

Proper musical instruction helps develop many psychological and physiological skills for a student beyond musical applications. 
Some of these include problem solving, communication and time management. 
Music instruction can help open up the doors to a student’s ability for finding knowledge by teaching them that continuing to work on what seems improbable can be accomplished by not giving up.

Free Introductory Lesson.

At Vernal Music we offer a free introductory lesson to prospective new students. This gives the student, and the parent or guardian of minor students, an opportunity to meet with the instructor and see how he approaches the process of teaching. In an individual lesson environment, it has to be a good fit for everyone in order to work well. The instructor and the student (and the parent/guardian of a minor) need to be in agreement about how the lessons will be conducted. The free introductory lesson allows all involved a chance to get to know one another.

Lessons Schedule.

There are four sixty-minute lessons per month, one per week. 
Course cancellation by the student or teacher, will be rescheduled later in the current month.

Join our music ensemble. 

The Vernal Music provides the opportunity to every student according with his education level to be a member of our orchestra. A music program is a form of creative expression. It also provides an opportunity for the students to experience the value of teamwork in achieving a common goal, as well as giving the students an opportunity to focus and to develop problem-solving skills.
In this way the students are get involved in discussions about why the music they are playing is composed and executed the way it is. This not only supports strong performance but also helps the student recognize the qualities and nuances of the music they hear daily.