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About E-Books

Vernal Music is the first music and digital publishing company in our country that has published a digital book (e-book), the ''Augmedimin Schematic Music'' of Nick M. Vargemezis.
It was a big risk at that time as the term (e-book) was completely unknown to the people. After so many years we are proud for our choice, as in our days the e-book sales have conquer a large market globaly.
The digital publishing is a great choice for emerging writers. In most cases, enormous cost incurred by the puplishing of work of a writer on paper as he should already be famous and have an experienced agent who can quarantee decent sales. In opposite the digital puplishing is more simple and easy.
Digital publishing is now a rapidly growing and promising sector in the publishing industry. As much as e-book sales increasing globally large companies of Information Technology and Publish Houses investing on that. At the same time, internet as the main carrier of e-books, ensure the direct access to an audience that in Greece has already overcome the ''Critical Mass'', as it consists of the number of the users, while maintaining the unick DEMOGRAPHIC CHARACTERISTICS, as higher education and economic level in combination with the adoption of anything ''New''.
We note that e-book doesn't replace the classic paper book. According to latest researches the digital publishing helps the paper book sales. So you have in your disposal one more sale channel with lower cost, that in case can ensure that with the appropriate tactics you will be widely known, thanks to the innovative digital technology and you will have a wider audience.