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Terms of Use • Privacy Policy

You are kindly requested to read carefully the following terms of use concerning the rights and obligations of the Company towards all visitors to the website:


The www.vernalmusic.com is the official website created by the Vernal Music, having its registered office in Athens, Address: Lamprou Katsoni 17 - Dafni, Zip Code 172-36, Greece.
This website aims at providing direct information about the Company products, enabling online ordering, as well as facilitating the interactive communication between visitors and the Company, through commenting and expression of preference for specific items, utilizing social networking applications.
Company Contact Details:
Tel: (0030) 210 9737564
Mobile: (0030) 6972 553771
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


These terms of operation and use of the www.vernalmusic.com website are binding corporate rules applied and imposed by the Company in providing the following information society services to the users. These terms are fully compatible with the existing European and Greek law and any non-compliance by the users of this website or third parties with them entails removal of any liability of the Company in relation to any natural or legal person affected. Users recognize the Company's right to change at any time the contents of this website without notification. The Company may unilaterally alter the trading conditions without previously notifying the users via the website. Any user visiting the website acknowledges that she/he has read these terms, agrees with them and undertakes the obligation to apply them, both within the context of the contract concluded upon their acceptance and within the context of his/her general obligation to abide by the law.


The personal data of the users of our website shall be used in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/97 and EE 2016/679 the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the protection of individuals against processing of personal data.
By registering/ stating your details, such as your name, email address, home address, telephone number, etc., you consent to the collection and processing thereof by the Company to the extent strictly necessary for serving the purpose of their collection.

3.1. Purpose of collection and processing.

The aforementioned collection and processing of your personal data shall be performed to the extent strictly necessary for the execution and demonstration of your orders, commercial communication, improvement of the services provided through our website and the elaboration of statistical and only statements (which shall not contain any personal information that could lead to identification of individuals).

3.2. Recipient of Personal Data.

The Company shall be the recipient of the aforementioned data. The Company may outsource the provision of support services for the execution of orders, its commercial communication with the users to a third associated undertaking. The latter must fully comply with the principles of confidentiality applied by the Company as regards the personal data of the users.
By registering/ stating your details, such as your name, email address, home address, telephone number, etc., you consent to the collection and processing thereof by the Company to the extent strictly necessary for serving the purpose of their collection.
In any case, the Company may not disclose, publish, sell or exchange your personal data, which shall remain confidential. Exceptionally, the data kept may be communicated to competent judicial authorities, at their request, in accordance with the applicable law.

3.3. Duration of keeping personal data and rights of registered users.

The Company shall keep a record of the aforementioned data for as long as it considers to be necessary for the order processing with maximum period 30 days. After the above mentioned time period all data will be deleted. If you wish deletion of data earlier but after the order processing, please contact us, or send an e-mail.


All information transmitted by the users to the website shall be confidential. Specifically, in order to safeguard your personal data and electronic transactions, the Company uses the following mechanisms - security methods:

a. Use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Technology:

It is a communication protocol that encrypts, using a 128-bit key, the information coming from your terminal until it reaches the website server, where it is decrypted. This method protects your personal data, since they may not be read or altered while being transmitted online, while the integrity and authenticity of the information transmitted are confirmed.

b. Facebook Link, Google Plus Link, Youtube Link:

The website visitor can intervene, in the fields that this is technically allowed, by expressing his/her opinion on posted comments, through the "Like" or "Plus" or "I Like This" application available for the users who have an account in the "Facebook" social networking service or "Google Plus" or "Υοutube". The functioning of the said application, which entails, inter alia, the presentation - statement in the user's profile on "Facebook" or "Google Plus’’ or "Υοutube" that (s)he clicked on the "Like" or "Plus" or "I Like This" button on the Company website, shall be exclusively governed by the terms of use of the said social networking services, which are beyond the scope of responsibility of the Company.


Τhe Company shall assume no responsibility for orders made by minors (Personal data of minors may be collected, used or disclosed) without following expressed written consent of their parents or guardians. Protection on minors is undertaken entirely by their parents or guardians.


As in most Internet websites, cookies are also used in our website, with a view to identify the user and to offer personalized services. Cookies are text files that are saved in the hard disc of any user and do not receive knowledge of any file contained in his/her computer. They are used to facilitate the access of the user to specific services of the website, in order to define the areas where the website services are useful or popular or for marketing reasons. The user may set his/her browser to either inform him/her about the use of cookies in specific services of the website or not to allow the acceptance of the use of cookies in any case. In case that the user of the specific website services does not want cookies to be used for his/her recognition, he/she cannot have further access to these services.


The entire content of the website, including pictures, graphs, photographs, figures, texts, provided services, sounds, videos, names, logos, distinctive marks, products and, in general, all files are copyright works, registered trademarks and trademarks of the Company and/or its associates and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and EU law and international conventions. Therefore, any copy, republication, loading, analog/digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transmission, downloading, processing, resale, creation of derivative works or misleading of the public about the actual provider of the contents of the website shall be strictly prohibited.

7.1. Special Terms For Republishing Text, Video, Photos.

You may republish text, video, photos that are in this website under the following conditions:
a) Attribution - You must attribute the work in the manner he has been specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that they endorse you or your use of the work).
b) Noncommercial - You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
c) No Derivative Works - You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.
d) Caution: All uploaded videos as well as documents that are hosted on this website concerning the project AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC are the intellectual property of the author - composer Nick M. Vargemezis. (The terms of this paragraph are under the terms of Creative Commons).
Videos as well as documents about AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC of the author - composer Nick M. Vargemezis. (The terms of this paragraph are under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported license).
e) Any reference to the work AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC must be accompanied by the name of the principal and sole copyright holder and creator, writer , composer Nick M. Vargemezis. Any reference to work AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC without mention of the copyright owner is strictly forbidden and any such violation establishes civil liability for damages and leads to prosecution of the offender (initiating legal proceedings).
f) The manipulation, processing, alteration, misappropriation without written permission by the author or licensor is strictly forbidden.
g) It is prohibited to publish, reproduce, total or partial or in summary, or paraphrase performance or adaptation of the contents of the CD titled AUGMEDIMIN SCHEMATIC MUSIC by any means, electronic, photocopied or otherwise without prior written permission of the rightful VERNAL MUSIC. In accordance with the provisions of Law 2121/1993 and International Law regulations valid in Greece.
The rightful owner of the copyright author - composer Nick M. Vargemezis (Including background music), this CD has granted its use only for private home viewing, having withhold any other right.
The determination of the concept of home viewing preclude the use of this CD in other places, such as (and not limiting) clubs, transportation, hospitals, hotels, oil rigs pumping and schools.
Any unauthorized lawful possessor (and not limited to) copy, adaptation, exhibition, rental, exchange, lending, public display or transmission of this CD or in part, is strictly prohibited and any such violation establishes civil liability for compensation and leads to prosecution of the offender (initiating legal proceedings). This CD is prohibited to be exported, distributed or sold inside and outside the European Union, without prior authorization of the legitimate holder VERNAL MUSIC. The rights to sell or rent this CD described packing.


The Company cannot guarantee the availability of the products ordered. However, in case of non-availability, we undertake to notify you within a reasonable time period from the placement of your order. The Company reserves its rights for any technical or typographical errors in the product features that have escaped attention or occur unintentionally or due to any downtime of the website on grounds of force majeure.
In addition, the Company is not liable for not executing the order or delay in the delivery of the products ordered. Moreover, it reserves its rights as to the time of delivery of the products in case of force majeure (e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes, etc.). The Company shall assume no responsibility for actual or future, direct or indirect, damages that may be incurred due to inability to use the website and errors, interruptions, defects or delays in the functioning of the website or the transmission of information online via the website.
The Company shall not be responsible for any technical problems that arise when the users access and use the website, related to the compatibility of their infrastructure with it or any "viruses" or other harmful components contained in websites.


9.1. Transaction conditions.

Using the website services entails no any extra charges, other than the applicable rates charged for general access to the Internet which are paid to the relevant third-party providers and only. The Company maintains the right of reservation on, or refusal to execute orders, provided that it notifies the persons concerned within a reasonable period of time of the reasons for the said reservation or refusal.
In case of any problem, complaint, observation, etc., arising from the use of the website, the user must promptly notify the Company of the same.

9.2. Description of Product Purchase Procedure.

To order products from our website, please follow these steps:
1. Choose from the list of products specific product codes and place them in the shopping bag.
2. Accept the terms of use.
3. Fill in the order details, e.g. payment method, shipping address.
4. Check the overall profile of the order.
In case of error in the above steps, select "Change" to return to the previous step and make the necessary corrections. 
5. Submit the order.
In case our Company cannot find you at the phone number you filled in on our order form the order is cancelled.

9.3. Product description / colors.

The Company makes every reasonable effort to present with the greatest possible accuracy the products sold by it and their material characteristics.
The Company has made every reasonable effort to accurately depict the actual colors of the products, when they are presented on the website. Our Company shall not be responsible for, and shall not guarantee, the absolute accuracy of the colors of the products as displayed on the screen of the user's computer, since this depends on the characteristics of each screen and computer.

9.4. Electronic archiving of orders.

Your orders are electronically archived and you can, if you wish so, receive knowledge of the contents of your order.
This website shall be used at the sole risk of the user. We shall not be responsible for any malicious third party intervention. Visitors to the website undertake not to harm third parties by making malicious use of the website and not to violate their personal data.

9.5. Product prices.

The price for each product is indicated in the relevant lists next to each product. Prices are VAT inclusive. The Company reserves the right to adjust prices without notice.

9.6. Method of payment.

You can reimburse your order in any of the following ways: Payment upon receipt of your order at your place / cash on delivery: Payment by cash on delivery is not available for deliveries outside Greece.

9.7. Product Delivery/Shipping Costs.

a. Product Delivery:

The products ordered shall be delivered from Monday to Friday, within 4 to 7 working days from the date you submit your order at the address you provide when filling in your details.
The Company shall not be responsible for any technical problems that arise when the users access and use the website, related to the compatibility of their infrastructure with it or any "viruses" or other harmful components contained in websites.

b. Shipping Costs:

Shipping costs (Transport and Cash on delivery) undertaken entirely by the customer. 


Order Canceling.

In case you wish to cancel an order and it hasn’t been sent, you must contact with the customer service department via phone or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Users of our website must not use the website to send, post or transmit any unlawful message. Users of our website must not use the website to send, post or transmit any unlawful message. Users should carefully check the information provided and the suitability of the products they wish to order before completing the transaction. Users are obliged to strictly abide by the laws on transmission of data from Greece and Europe to third countries.


Posting comments in the permitted commenting fields requires approval by the administrator of the website. However, the Company has no obligation to perform any preventive check on the contents posted by virtue of the relevant provisions of Presidential Decree 131/2003. In any case, if the comment is not in accordance with the following terms, it will not be posted on the website or it may be removed after its posting.

Users and persons posting comments should respect:

a) minors, the elderly, persons with disabilities and health problems, as long as these properties are known to them;
b) the reputation of the Company, avoiding spreading allegations that are not true or comments that are not based on facts;
c) the rules on fair competition, which do not allow posting on the website comments down rating other companies or even comparing the products and services of the Company against other companies;
d) the presumption of innocence, i.e. that no person should be regarded guilty before (s)he is finally convicted for an offence punishable by law;
e) persons who are in a state of mourning, mental shock and suffering and those who apparently have mental problems, avoiding to offend their particular identity.
Freedom of expression allows for sharp criticism, but not invective, slander, defamation, insult of the personality of the others.
Commenting on posts on this website in social networking services outside its scope shall be governed by the terms of use of each social networking service. However, in case of violation of these terms, the Company reserves the right to initiate any process intended for restoring its reputation and avoiding infringement of its rights or third party rights.
Should any person or entity consider that (s)he is offended by a comment made by a visitor to the website, (s)he must notify the Company via e-mail and phone communication. The Company will examine the complaint and undertakes to immediately withdraw any offensive contents. Only if the affected visitor of the website has applied the above procedure and his/her rights have not been satisfied, shall (s)he have the right to claim them by initiating legal proceedings.


The Greek law shall be applicable to any dispute arising from the use of the services, and/or for any other reason, between the user and the Company and the Courts of Athens shall be competent to resolve it. In case of dispute as to these terms of use between the user and the Company, the former must, before taking any legal action, contact the Company within fifteen (15) days from the occurrence of the relevant events. Failure to comply with this term shall constitute breach of material contractual term concluded between the user and the Company.
The original text in Greek shall be the authentic text of these terms of use and rules of operation. The website also provides an official translation thereof in English. In case of discrepancies, the Greek version shall prevail.
For any information, question or complaint, you are kindly requested to select the option "Contact Us".