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ANGEL OF DREAMS ' [Will always be there!] FOR PIANO. This video uploaded only for educational purposes. This is a...

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'' THE SONATA OF MY LIFE '' For Violin & Piano Op.97 1. Moderato A. Minor 00:16 2. Largo C. Minor 07:43 3. Rondo...

Category: Modern Classical Music
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I composed this music trilogy for Shakuhachi inspired by the Greek folklore fairies. I choosed Shakuhachi's exotic...

Category: Cinema Music
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' THE SWEET BITTERNESS OF DESTINY ' FOR PIANO. This is my very first original composition for piano and I wrote it...

Category: Romantic Melodies
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' MODERN SONATA OF LOVE '  For Violin & Piano. 1) Moderato 00:20 2) Andante 05:02  3) Allegro Modern Rondo...

Category: Modern Classical Music
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The ''Evi - Evan'' is "An Ancient Greek Sound", and it means a inner expression that fuses a profound experience of...

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EXOTIC DANCE is a 12-tone composition for Piano, composed by me under the 12-tone musical composition...

Category: 12-Tone Music
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' MYTH OF THE CAVE PLATO '  Twelve-tone Quintet for Flute, Oboe, Violin, Cello, Double Bass. 1) ALLo. MODERATO 00:53...

Category: 12-Tone Music
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' LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT ' FOR VIOLIN & HARP.  I wrote this composition many years ago. Then I was a child and...

Category: Romantic Melodies
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Forest's Memories' (For A Knight). Original composition by Andrea Barak. All rights...

Category: Romantic Melodies
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MOIAZEI ΝΑ' ΝΑΙ ΠΑΡΑΜΥΘΙ ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ - ΣΤΙΧΟΙ : Νίκος Βαργεμέζης.ΤΡΑΓΟΥΔΙ : Άκης Κωτσιάκης , Βίκυ Χελιώτη.

Category: Greek Ballads
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SO HIGH SO LOW - LAVERN BAKER Lavern Baker was one of the sexiest divas gracing the mid-'50s rock & roll circuit....

Category: Old Vernal Musics Publications
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'Entreaty' An original music by Dragon.All rights reserved.Video Credits to Human Animal.The video is under Creative...

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