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I composed this music trilogy for Shakuhachi inspired by the Greek folklore fairies. I choosed Shakuhachi's exotic sound because it makes a good sence with this subject. Is an etherical music. Really. Enjoy my friends! This video uploaded only for educational purposes.
• Fairytale in Greek language is called ''Para' Mythi'', and it means: Beyond the Myth. The word 'Myth' in Greek language means: The events that actually happened, thus, Myth is the real history. So, when a real history is covered under a mantle is called Fairytale (Paramythi) and this is the way to transmitted from generation to generation through the centuries.
In this video I present you the Aguane Fairy: This is a race of female spirits. They are the spirits of the mountains and hills, the streams and rivers. They love to wear the color red and usually have a magic cap of red to provide invisibility. Their associated element is water... If you ever see it don't try to catch it because the result will be tragic for you and never trust it!
(in folklore), Aguane Fairy is one of a class of preternatural beings, especially from mountainous regions, with magical powers, given to capricious and often mischievous interference in human affairs, and usually imagined to be a diminutive being in human form; sprite; fairy. A nimble elflike creature, esp one associated with water.
• The elves are fictional creatures that most have no fixed form and sometimes have the ability to become invisible. Usually described Small but have the potential to change form and become magically oversized!
• Some old stories say that our world and elves were one, but for a strange reason these two worlds were broken!
Another legend says that the elves were in a land that was created before people ...Both legends are real...
And the big truth is that Alexander the Great defeated these beings and sealed them beyond the Gates of Tartarus inside the hollow earth. So, they can not reach the surface of the earth. 
There are only a few number of them (a little more than 1000) free-living on earth ordered by almighty angel El Shaddai in command by the Αrchangel El Elyon. 
But that's another story maybe for another video ...
If you are interesting to learn a part of this big truth then you can read more here!☟!ch11the-mission-of-great-alexander/ceq3
They are intelligent and inquisitive beings, can steal anything they like or so just to hurt someone!
They live in forests, caves, canyons, mines, abandoned castles, soil cracks, can appear and disappear whenever they like.
Other live permanently in one place and other can not live in one area and they travel in groups!
It is said that they speak with hissing sounds, they do not die and everything has repeats!
Fairy traditions differ from country to country and from place to place. They have many names and in each country have their own!
Greece - Xotica or Aerial Pixies.
England - Elves, Korrigons.
Ireland - Sindhe or Gentry.
Scotland - Good People.
France - Fees.
In general we can separate the good elves and bad elves!
• Good Elves (fair folk = people ether) or Light Elves = Aerial pixies). The name and term that had been given to the fairies, elves air or air spirits, or those who are on earth, is the Latin name Les Sylphide by Paracelsus.
In Ireland are called Daoine Sidhe. Their form is human with small wings on their back, petite, shiny bright airy dancing endlessly in light circles at nights under the moonlight .
• Bad Elves (Dark Elves)
there are the goblins, the Brownies, the Kobolds, the Gnomes, the Trolls  and Dwarves.
From the very early years, people trying to describe and investigate them. According to one of the largest Occultists Paracelsus (Swiss doctor 1493 - 1541) who studied and classified them in four categories. 
(His real name was Theophrastus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim).
1. Les Sylphides, belong to pixies, the People of Ether (fair folk) and check the weather and wind.
2. Udines the water nymphs.
3. Salamandres elements of fire.
4. Gnomes (opinion) the elements of earth.
• Music by Nick Vargemezis 
For the Music Composition:
All rights reserved by Composer: Nick Vargemezis. 
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• Credits reference at the end of the video.
• Video editing: Vernal Music.

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