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ANGEL OF DREAMS ' [Will always be there!] FOR PIANO.
This video uploaded only for educational purposes. This is a very special music and accompanied with a very special, beautiful and meaningful video. Dedicate to you all with much love.
God gives us what we need in this life. Personally God gives me the inspiration to compose music for the souls of people but for our darkest moments in life has commissioned our guidance to Angels of his creation.
• Your Guardian Angel, will always be there!.
"You may see him as huge, or imagine him as small,
He is right by your side and will hear when you call,
He is loyal and true, you can trust him to care,
Your Guardian Angel, will always be there!" 
Usually through my musical compositions, the musical themes expressed by contradictory feelings concerning the soul and the existence of people. My compositions are always written from the soul and through the melodies I have always something beautiful or strange to say, to show and teach you about real situations of life. You know me many years now, isn't so? 
For those who have knowledge of music harmony I draw their attention to the harmonization of the third theme (after descending chromatic musical bridge). It is truly amazing & prototype.
So with this upbeat and strange composition I present to all of you another parallel world with an existing three-dimensional world from where we live now.
Our world has always been full of traps that create unbearable psychological and physical problems to all. The suffering never ends and nothing is certain in our brief presence here. Εspecially nowadays are difficult for all of us, globally, are suspicious, bizarre and obscure in all of the ways.
But right there, in the difficult and impassable roads do not be afraid and do not ever bend. A guardian angel is always there with you, into your dreams, and those dreams that  supposed to be real dreams when we sleep, as well as in the real world of dreams that we live now. (I mean the life on earth). 
• Trust your Angel.
''If you're feeling low or lonely just call your Angel near,
and ask him for his guidance to free you from your fears.
He'll always give you comfort and send something from above
to help you find contentment through his unconditional love.
It may well be that what he send is not what you expect,
but you'll see with time and hindsight it was for your very best!" 
Yes my friends this is the greatest truth we should all know. As soon as you realize this reality the sooner your fears will be lost and will face the difficult and inaccessible paths of dream here in life with courage and optimism. So, get a life without fears and in tough times call your personal angel, talk to him, because he is always there and listens, next to you at all times, day and night.
• Always with you.
"Your Angels stay with you through each precious day,
loving, protecting and lighting your way,
then lay down beside you whilst you sleep at night,
keeping you safe 'till the fresh morning light." 
• Music by Nick Vargemezis 
' ANGEL OF DREAMS ' [Will always be there!] FOR PIANO.
For the Music Composition:
All rights reserved by Composer: Nick Vargemezis. 
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• Credits reference at the end of the video.
• Video editing: Vernal Music.

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